Welcome back to your weekly reminder that; no matter what industry it is that you’re talking about, Apple are no doubt dominating in it.

Wireless headphones have become a big market with product-makers like Beats, Sony, Samsung and Bose all offering ranges of wireless listening devices. Reports show that wireless headphones/earphones have been expanding massively this year and they predict 120 million units to ship globally in 2019 by the end of the year.

Apple in particular have seen massive success with their AirPods, wireless earbuds for music and calls in-ear. Counterpoint Research‘s Consumer Lens survey showed that in the hearables market Apple AirPods account for 50% of sales, predicting they will have sell 60 million units in total this year.

Beats by Dre showed 26% future preference for their range of true wireless hearables. Beats is an Apple-owned subsidiary, so their dominance in the headphone market is quite significant.

Microsoft and Google are both expected to launch their own ‘true wireless’ headphones in 2020.