Next in our series of the rising artists to keep an eye on this year we’ll be looking at the wave of awesome new electronic artists who are bringing in a fresh wave of new and unique beats, mixes and bangers.

Tom Misch

At just 21 Tom Misch’s smooth beats and jazz-influenced production work have established him as one of the UK’s hottest new producers. His skill doesn’t lie solely in producing however with a great voice and jazzy guitar skills. Following the release of ‘Beat Tape 2’ in 2015 Misch gained a major audience with fans falling in love with his unique style.

In Tom Misch’s tracks you can hear the wide influences on his music from Nirvana to J Dilla. In 2016 Misch released his ‘Reverie’ EP gaining even more notoriety as the talented young DJ works his towards a debut album. If the past 2 years have been good for Misch we think the next year will be even better.


OBESØN is a fast rising producer and a RouteNote favourite. OBESØN has been making music for 3 years and in that time has gained a loyal following of fans and even more who just love his music.

After building up his reputation OBESØN was a little more quiet throughout 2016 due to personal issues. But last month he said he’s back on track and ready to enter 2017 with a fresh mind. With OBESØN’s focus back on music we can’t to see where he heads next this year.


k?d is a young producer that built up a massive SoundCloud following last year. k?d’s unique production style combines heavy bass music with future house sounds for immense tracks that never fail to pack a punch.

2017 is looking to be a massive year for k?d as he continues to grow a massive audience and is set to play Buku festival in March.

Said The Sky

Said The Sky is the artist name for Trevor Christensen, another one of the incredible producers using RouteNote. He has spent the last 3 years devoted to creating incredible electronic tracks after growing up surrounded by music and inspiration.

Said The Sky’s music is a self-described blend of soaring melodies and emotive bass lines that he hopes takes you beyond listening and becomes an experience.


Drezo has been building a reputation for crafting dark EDM tracks that stand out in their powerful, darker production from the mainstream electronic scene. As his underground fame grows wider and wider Drezo is looking to take his vicious style to the masses.

Drezo has been recognised by some of the top producers around the world including Diplo and DJ Snake, putting him on track to dominate this year.


Axero is a French producer who at the age of just 18 has built a massive following and established himself as an incredibly talented. Signed to RouteNote’s label Outertone, Axero has been a favourite at RouteNote for years and a favourite for many others who love his distinctively upbeat house tracks and remixes.

Axero has been making waves across the EDM scene for a while and his career is looking set to rocket in 2017.


Alex Skrindo

Alex Skrindo is another Outertone talent that has been blowing up in the past year. Skrindo has built up thousands of fans for his intricately crafted progressive house tracks but has recently experimented in some heavier, darker house mixes.

2016 was a massive year for Alex Skrindo and with a bunch of awesome new tracks lined up for this year it’s going to be a year full of Skrindo.

That’s our list of the top electronic artists and groups to watch out for in the next year. Keep an eye out for our next in the series where we’ll be looking at the pop artists that we think will jump onto the world stage this year.
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