The cheapest new Mac for music production just got cheaper

Image Credit: Apple

Save $50 on Apple’s new Mac Mini with the M1 chip.

Released in November alongside the updated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13-inch, Apple’s ARM-based silicon computers are getting rave reviews across the board. All three new products combine blazing fast performance with low powered machines for a super efficient computer. Now we’re just waiting for Apple’s M-series chips to hit the higher end computers.

Apps built for Intel computers run well and smoothly under translation from Rosetta 2, but the real gains come with apps specifically compiled for Apple M1. These include Apple’s own apps such as Logic Pro and GarageBand, as well as some other third-party applications such as djay Pro AI. You’ll see fantastic performance on these apps especially. We expect to see other DAWs updated over the next year or so.

Both Mac Mini’s on sale offer an 8-core CPU, 8-GPU, 16-core Neural Engine and 8GB memory.

256GB – $649 (usually $699)

512GB – $849 (usually $899)

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