It’s fast approaching a year since the British EU referendum found us voting to leave the European Union, and the fallouts of Brexit are starting to take effect as Sonos raise their prices.

Sonos have announced price rises for their home speakers in the UK, citing Brexit as the reason for leaving their current prices “unsustainable”. Thanks to the unstable Sterling currency  Sonos will be raising their prices later this month by roughly 16%-17%. As an example Sonos’ Play:5 speaker will rise in cost from £429 to £499.

In a statement Sonos said: “Our prices are defined regionally. In the UK, this includes local taxation and import duties, but we pay for everything we make in US dollars. Over recent months, there has been a significant change on the US Dollar to GBP exchange rate. As a result, our existing pricing has become unsustainable and, like many other companies, we have to increase prices for all products priced in GBP.”

Whilst it’s another disappointing side-effect of the vote to leave the EU, Sonos won’t be making the changes until the 23rd February so you still have a chance to get some Sonos kit before the prices rise. Sonos follows other tech companies raising their prices in the UK market, including Apple who announced last month that prices on their App Store would be rising.

The price changes will be as follows:



Current New (23rd February)
PLAY:1 £169 £199
PLAY:3 £259 £299
PLAY:5 £429 £499
PLAYBAR £599 £699
SUB £599 £699
CONNECT £279 £349
CONNECT:AMP £399 £499
BOOST £79 £99
Wallmount £35 £39