Visa-free touring granted for UK artists in 19 EU countries including France, Germany, and Italy

After pressure from musicians and those in the live music industry the Government has negotiated a deal to allow for short-term visa free tours for UK musicians.

UK touring musicians have been forgotten in the Brexit Deal

Relief at avoiding No Deal Brexit replaced by concern as reports say EU rejected UK government proposals for British musicians looking to tour in Europe.

Liveurope Study Estimates a 47% Drop In Young Musicians Touring Europe

A Recently Published Study Shows A 47% Year-Over-Year Drop In New Artists Touring Europe

How Brexit Might Affect U.K Artists Looking To Tour In The EU

Brexit is just round the corner and this may mean huge changes for U.K artists looking to tour in the EU.

UK scraps the EU’s controversial ‘meme ban’ Article 13

Videos, memes, and more are safe online in the UK after they announce they will be scrapping the much scrutinised law. As Brexit approaches, the UK have decided to scrap a controversial law from the…

Mick Jagger unleashes his first ever solo tracks, inspired by Brexit

The Rolling Stones front-man has separated himself from the band for the first time in 55 years covering Britain’s vulnerability and “lunatic” leaders. At the age of 74, 55 years after forming the legendary rock…

Distort your guitar AND the truth with Brexit Means Brexit distortion pedal

Since last year’s vote to leave the EU there have been a lot of ups and downs, next in the ups is this Brexit themed distortion pedal from Tate Fx. The Brexit Means Brexit pedal…

Thanks Brexit, now Sonos speakers cost more in the UK

It’s fast approaching a year since the British EU referendum found us voting to leave the European Union, and the fallouts of Brexit are starting to take effect as Sonos raise their prices. Sonos have…

Squarepusher launching remix project in response to Brexit – Britain leaving the EU

Producer Squarepusher has revealed a new remix project he’s working on to create music in response to the results of the UK’s EU referendum. The UK musician and producer Squarepusher is trying to bring together…

British music industry talks on post-Brexit plans and music landscape

After a monumental vote by the UK public to leave the European Union last Thursday, the British music industry have spoken on what the future holds for British music. The country was split close to…