Rhino Records have just released four 12″ inch Prince singles just in time for Prince’s return to streaming after a Tidal exclusive stint.

Rhino Records have re-released four of Prince’s rarer singles onto 12″ vinyl for purchase, the records being:

  • Kiss (1986)
  • Cream (1991)
  • If I Was Your Girlfriend (1987)
  • U Got The Look (1987)

The news comes as Prince’s expansive catalog comes back to streaming services like Spotify and Deezer after Prince signed an exclusive contract with Tidal before his death. The re-distribution was arranged to happen just before the Grammy Awards at the weekend.

Prince’s exclusive signing to Tidal has been in dispute since his death, as Jay Z’s company stated they had bought the exclusive rights to his catalog. Prince’s estate however argued that Tidal had never made the $750,000 payment required to secure exclusive streaming rights.

Prince’s studio albums available on the top streaming services now include:

  • For You
  • Prince
  • Dirty Mind
  • Controversy
  • 1999
  • Purple Rain
  • Around the World In A Day
  • Parade
  • Sign ‘O’ The Times
  • Lovesexy
  • Batman
  • Music From Graffiti Bridge
  • Diamonds And Pearls
  • [Love Symbol]
  • Come
  • The Vault – Old Friends 4 Sale


  • 4Ever
  • The Hits 1
  • The Hits 2
  • The Hits/The B-Sides
  • The Very Best Of Prince
  • Ultimate