Teenage Engineering has unveiled a new field desk, but they’ve also unveiled a pretty big price tag for it…

Teenage Engineering, that notorious brand known for making great synth modules, pocket operators, and amazing loudspeakers, seems to be venturing into a new market that doesn’t involve any electronics.

Teenage Engineering’s £1,600 field desk

Their newest product is a field desk that the developer has described as a “space truss”. MusicTech reports that it’s built with 75% recycled CIRCAL aluminum from Scandinavian manufacturer Hydro and assembled with double-sided Formica birch plywood.

With just a glance at the online images, it’s clear for everyone to see that the desk looks incredibly simple, although its price tag of £1,600 doesn’t reflect this whatsoever. But if you take a closer look at its specifications then that rather large price tag seems to hold a little more substance.

The new field desk seems to be the very first product that Teenage Engineering has released from their newest Field Rail System. Teenage Engineering describes this as “an open-ended range of interconnecting aluminum rails that enable the creation of customizable modular furniture and accessories”. With this in mind, I think it’s very safe to assume that this new field desk, which seems to be nothing more than eleven aluminum poles holding up a plywood board, is designed to hold other modular objects.

For instance, Teenage Engineering has hinted at a custom storage tray on its website. Therefore, it’s a safe bet to assume that we can expect more modular add-ons in the future.

Of course, the reactions to TE’s pricey field desk have been varied. MusictTech reports that Field Desk Engineer Aisjam shared his thoughts about the field desk on YouTube. He expresses that he thinks it’s well built and he likes the use of materials, but he isn’t shy about voicing his dislike for the hefty price tag.

On the other hand, musicians such as DATSUNN and Orestes Gomez shared their admiration for the new field desk on TE’s Instagram announcement. Meanwhile, another commenter had only this to say: “Please share the massive blunt you are clearly smoking.”

But let’s not forget the sheer quality of all Teenage Engineering products as this commenter hasn’t: “Jokes aside, it’s a solid fact that TE makes things that seem silly and inconsequential at first but end up being ahead of their time in the long run.”

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