Image Credit: Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering introduces the TX-6 mixer. Small enough to be handheld, the TX-6 Mixer also features a built-in synth, an instrument tuner, digital effects, a drum machine, and sequencer functionality too!

This small music tech gadget is really something to behold. After all, many synthesizers and drum machines are ten times the size of the TX-6 mixer. The Roland TR-8 is far bigger, and limited-channel mixers are often double the size too. Well, it’s all in a day’s work for Teenage Engineering.

You can connect the TX-6 via USB-C connection to iOS hardware  like MacBooks!
Image Credit: Teenage Engineering

Comparable to larger units, but with even more tech packed into one sturdy little machine.

Teenage Engeineering

Teenage Engineering TX-6

You can control the TX-6 with its USB-C connection through external MIDI devices, or even iOS hardware too. The unit features six stereo inputs and two outputs, in addition to a headphone jack and Bluetooth connectivity.

Though the onboard display is, of course, only a small 48×64-pixel monochrome panel, Teenage Engineering state that you’ll get eight hours of battery life from the TX-6 mixer! And those 8 hours will be very handy to make use of all the tech that’s inside. For example, you can mix 6 stereo input channels at once while using tempo sync to keep everything in time. But that’s before you even start to play with the internal synthesizer, drum-synth, or its built-in tuner!

The TX–6 functions as a portable synthesizer and sequencer with 4 oscillator waveforms and 4 synthesized drum sounds. And you can use effects such as reverb, delay, tape, chorus, filter, and distortion. Furthermore, each channel has a three-band eq and adjustable compressor!

You can connect the TX-6 via USB-C connection to iOS hardware  like iPhones!
Image Credit: Teenage Engineering

If the onboard features aren’t enough in a studio setting, you can use the TX–6 as a 12 channel audio interface and connect to any daw over USB-C! Additionally, you can turn the TX–6 on its side and use it as a DJ mixer too. Convert channel 1 into a fader and crossfade between channels 5 and 6 as a DJ would fade/cut between the two.

Finally, you can use a 3.5 mm aux to output your signal or use the included 6.35 mm jack to a 3.5 mm mini-jack adapter.  

Price and availability

You can get the TX-6 now for $1,199. Though pricey, the amount of onboard features is sure to be very attractive for many.