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HotDrop is a music disocvery app that recently launched new features including user libraries for full-length tracks, new music sharing tools, and artist analytics.

Is HotDrop the promotion tool that independent artists have been dreaming of?

HotDrop, an app that the Wall Street Journal has declared “an app to help music listeners and fans discover music in new ways”, has expanded its platform and now offers natural discovery tools designed to mimic how listeners find and share new music. In fact, HotDrop’s latest update gives both listeners and artists some exciting new features, including a user library, new sharing capabilities, and analytics for artists.

What is HotDrop?

HotDrop is a music-sharing & promotion service designed to address “the current generational shift underway in music discovery and consumption,”. It doe so by providing 30-second snippets of tracks that allow for rapid discovery, and the snippets can be shared with friends and fans easily.

The result is a platform that gives emerging artists high virality, and it means that artists don’t necessarily need to create so much content for social sites like TikTok to be discovered. Furthermore, HotSpot was founded by a team of Gen-Z music addicts and artists, and “[the HotDrop app] had more than 25,000 downloads and ranked 7th on the App Store” within two days of its initial launch.

Once they discover a track, users can swipe to learn more about the artists and their music. Artists can create profiles that users can follow and they can upload their lyrics too.

HotDrop’s user interface is almost a blend of Spotify’s and TikTok’s – it utilizes Spotify’s “swipe to skip” function while utilizing TikTok’s continuous feed of content that its users have not yet discovered.

Moreover, users can easily see what their friends are listening to on the app, and they need only “Like” a track with the trusty heart button to save it to their library.

The HotSpot app makes it easy to see real-time trends too, so users can hear what’s getting shared around on HotSpot through a dedicated Trends tab. A

Finally, users can easily choose between genres or select multiple genres they want to discover music in, and they can customize their own user profile too.

Should independent artists use HotDrop?

Independent artists usually need to flock to social sites like TikTok and Instagram to create more awareness of their music and their brand. While these tools have their place, HotDrop is all about music discovery and aims to empower artists by making it easier for listeners to connect with their music for the first time. This could mean that emerging artists may not need to rely on content creation for social sites quite so heavily.

HotDrop provides a platform for music discovery, and therefore music promotion. Today, we’re so used to fighting algorithms that have user experience and retention as their primary objectives. And we all know how hard it is to get noticed by these machines, even if our music sounds great, is catchy, and sounds professional.

Well, HotSpot is here to make it easier for emerging artists to be discovered. Say goodbye, or at least “in a while, crocodile”, to the constant battle against social algorithms and say hello to direct-to-listener music promotion. All joking aside, HotSpot may well prove to be a reliable music promotion tool to be used in conjunction with sites like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

As an artist on HotDrop, you’re given statistics on how many times you’re music is shared, the total plays all of your tracks are bringing in, your follower count, much like Spotify for Artists, and even a “Like : Dislike Ratio”. If your ratio has a higher dislike record than like, this could be a good indicator (though a brutal one) that you need to keep improving your songs.

Artist analytics does go a little deeper too. You can click on an album of yours, for example, and see stats for “Days since release” and “Daily Stats” for the likes, shares, and plays it’s garnered (with a simple graph that displays its data over time too), and you can compare these statistics to other albums you’ve uploaded to the site.

Of course, it wouldn’t be 2023 if HotDrop didn’t provide artists with a tab for “Real-time listener reactions” that displays what emojis listeners are using to react to your music.

HotDrop launches a new library for full-length tracks, sharing capabilities, and artist analytics

HotDrop provides a platform where new listeners can support artists they find. The brand recently released an update and now listeners can save full-length versions of the songs they discover through HotDrop in their library. However, a user library on HotDrop is unlike the libraries we’re used to on streaming services like Spotify. Users can actually save unreleased songs, exclusive versions and remixes – even if those tracks haven’t even been distributed to streaming sites.

Meanwhile, artists uploading their music for discovery on HotDrop can make changes to the tracks they upload or delete them entirely. HotDrop is set to be an incredibly powerful promotion tool that independent artists could use to grow their fanbase exponentially by promoting their next album, ep, or single on the platform.

The new update also sees HotDrop launch analytics for artists within their HotDrop Studio page. Now, artists using HotDrop can see data on the amount of listens their music is getting in addition to total listening time, and total likes and shares. HotDrop state that this new feature will continue evolving as the HotDrop development team plans to announce additional analytical insights in the near future.

Furthermore, users can now share links to songs they discover via text or messaging platforms like Snapchat. If a HotDrop link is shared with someone then they gain direct listening access to the full song, and sharing by link is the only way for friends to immediately find a song or artist on HotDrop.

“There is so much music out there to discover,” says Steven Segel, HotDrop COO & co-founder. “These features come highly anticipated by our users; they’re already sharing new music with their friends and supporting these emerging artists. This release delivers critical features to drive the viral growth of artists on HotDrop, allowing artists to see fans appreciating and discovering their music around the world in real-time.” 

“We will continue to build HotDrop to be Gen Z’s music discovery tool,” says Max Goldberg, HotDrop CEO & co-founder. “We want to deepen 1-on-1 conversations between artists and fans, and build a social ecosystem for artists and fans to discover each other.”


Unfortunately, HotDrop is currently only available on iOS and it is unclear if there will be an Android version available any time soon. However, artists can still upload their music to HotDrop through their website.

iOS users can join the music discovery revolution by downloading HotDrop on the App Store. Let us know what you think of HotDrop and whether you’ll use it to promote your music!

Though HotDrop allows you to upload your music directly, you’ll need to upload your music through a distributor to get your tracks on Spotify, Apple Music, and every other streaming service and online store.

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