Spotify have just launched ‘Your Time Capsule’, a personalised throw back that looks at the music you loved, but haven’t been giving the love to lately.

Spotify love your music taste, and they prove this through the multitude of personal playlists they create based around your likes , dislikes, and your life. Now they’re taking you on a trip through time to rediscover the music that soundtracked your childhood with ‘Your Time Capsule’, a collection of 30 tracks filled with nostalgia and the past.

Your Time Capsule is playlist of “the 30 most nostalgic tracks from your teens and early twenties, creating the soundtrack for a trip down memory lane.” Spotify have created Your Time Capsule playlists following ‘Your Summer Rewind‘, a look back at your favourite music of summers past released a few months earlier. After listeners loved their Summer Rewinds Spotify decided why just look back a year, why not go all the way back.

To create your playlist Spotify takes your age (karma time if you lied about how old you are) and based on my results your country to find out what was hip when you were a young’un. It doesn’t seem to be personalised based on your music tastes, or at least I hope not considering the amount of Blink 182 that was in my Time Capsule.

To find your Time Capsule head to the top of Spotify’s home or, on the iOS and Android app, the Decades section in Browse. You can also get yours by visiting or scanning the Spotify code below:

Spotify time capsule playlist