Learning music theory is pretty boring isn’t it? Why wait to have fun with music and learn as you play with this MIDI controller.

TheoryBoard is a self-proclaimed ‘music theory MIDI controller’ from a small Californian startup, Irijule. Currently being created through a Kickstarter campaign the TheoryBoard brings music theory into a button-laden package that promises to make music simple and accessible, so that you’ll “never play a wrong note again”.

In their own words:

The TheoryBoard is the evolution of the MIDI controller. Its innovative lay out allows the user access to a new way of perceiving music, making it the ultimate hack for production and composition. Never before has a MIDI controller given this level of insight into the language of music theory.

The previously complex world of scales, chords inversions, melody, and harmony is finally packaged into an easy-to-use, simplified form.

By merging colour and sound the TheoryBoard provides a synesthetic experience for anyone interfacing with the product. Diatonic scales, chord groups, and the correlations between them are expressed through colour giving the user a unique advantage by allowing visual reference points while playing.

The TheoryBoard houses every scale known to man. When the user selects a scale they have full access to every note and every possible chord within that scale. This removes any doubt from what can, or can’t be used… All the right combinations are right there at your fingertips.

The TheoryBoard is for anyone interested in composing or producing music. A complete novice could pick this up and instantly level up their understanding of theory, while advanced producers could use this to derive new inspiration.

TheoryBoard music MIDI controller make music production learn theory

Let the creativity flow, create new masterpieces, never make another musical mistake. Of course depending on how you create music this may sound like the worst thing you could ever imagine. But whether you appreciate it’s application or not, it could be an incredibly useful tool in teaching music theory.

Find out more, help fund it or even get one for yourself from their Kickstarter here: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1962606435/theoryboard-music-theory-made-easy