Have you ever wanted to take your Spotify playlists on-the-go without the hassle of taking your phone – Mighty could be the answer for you.

The iPod Shuffle was the perfect answer for music listening at the gym, out running, cycling or anything that requires little to no baggage. However with the rise of streaming services in recent years we’ve yet to see an alternative that lets us take our saved music out in a small, durable package. Mighty is here to change that.

With it’s design dangerously reminiscent of an iPod Shuffle with Spotify colours (the creators aren’t linked to either) the Mighty lets you take all your favourite Spotify playlists with you. The small device can clip on to any piece of clothing and comes equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi compatibility. With the ability to connect to both iPhones and Androids and store 48 hours of music the Mighty isn’t just a great alternative player for streamers but also a cheap one – priced at under $80.

The Mighty’s controls are simple but enough, with a circular design (see iPod Shuffle…) centred with a play/pause button with song skip/backward, volume up/down and a separate button that lets you switch between your saved playlists. Mighty’s creators emphasise not just it’s super simple use but how easy it is to set-up – you simply connect to your phone and sync your Spotify and you’re done.

Mighty Spotify portable

The Mighty is currently in the process of gaining backing through a Kickstarter campaign, where the creators say: “Mighty was born from a personal frustration with the current on-the-go music experience. Today, every option to stream music while exercising requires a bulky, fragile smartphone. This motivated us to create a simple product that provides users with a comfortable and seamless music+fitness experience, all without a phone.”

Mighty are currently $76,838 in to their target of $250,000 with 28 days left for the funding campaign. You can back them now where, for a donation of $79 or more, you can get a Mighty for yourself – they estimate to deliver in November this year.