Find the best music from BBC radio, TV, online and live performances all in the palm of your hand with the BBC’s new app.

The BBC Music app launches today across all mobiles and tablets, Android and iOS, and is full of exclusive content from live performances to interviews. With a vast library of music content and experience, BBC running all the biggest UK radio stations, the app promises to deliver that to you.

The BBC’s director of music, Bob Shennan said: “The BBC Music app lets you get straight to the music you love, from In Concert and Live Lounge sessions to Jools Holland, with the tap of a button. This is just the start for us, and we want to hear from users over time to make the BBC Music app the best that it can be, so they can enjoy music from across the BBC – whenever and wherever they are.”

The app doesn’t just give you access to a wealth of music content but will also personalise it’s content recommendations around your tastes. When you start the app you can input the styles of music you like and from there it will offer up a platter of live sessions, playlists, interviews, programmes, events and more all in a tailored stream unique to you. The new BBC Music app is also integrated with streaming services so you can add any music you discover straight into your playlists.

Here’s the BBC’s breakdown of their new apps best features:

  • Get personal: Set your personal preferences and enjoy your favourite music content, whenever and wherever you are. Based on this, the app will also recommend more audio and video clips and playlists that you might be interested in
  • Listen and watch: It is your personalised feed of the latest audio and video live performances and interviews from across the BBC
  • Discover: Follow and find new music via BBC curated playlists from your favourite shows, presenters and events
  • Find a track: Quickly find any track played on BBC Radio from the last seven days
  • Export and listen: Add music tracks to your own personal music list and export it to our existing partners Spotify, Deezer and YouTube to listen to them in full. Simply add a song to ‘My Tracks’ and select a streaming partner by tapping their logo

The BBC seemed to emphasise that the app will continue to improve and evolve based around user feedback – “keeping music fans at the heart of what the app offers”.