You’ve probably heard of Twitch – you know, that American live streaming service that focuses on video game live streaming?

Well, they’ve been the focus of a study which finds its top 1,000 streamers generate 46% of its viewing hours! While the service prioritises video games, there are a range of different types of content there such as esports competition broadcasts, live music online streams, creative content, and “in real life” streams.

In their latest ‘State of the Stream’ study, StreamElements and who produce software tools for video game streamers have highlighted how Twitch’s daily viewer count is still growing. Both Streamelements & are two companies “firmly embedded in the world of live streaming video and gaming,”, and the two collaborate by publishing regular stats reports on the industry, as music ally reports.

Their latest report focuses on Twitch and how the platform’s daily viewing continues to grow, although only slowly. The report finds that the number of daily hours watched has an increase of increased to 56.9m in June, up from approximately 55m in March.

Meanwhile, the report found that the most popular streamers pull in the vast majority of views. The report notes, “In June, the top 10,000 streamers represented 76% of the hours watched while only making up .5% of the 2 billion streamers on the platform”.

The report continues, “if you dial it down to the top 1000, they represented 46% of the hours watched with the top 100 responsible for 20%. No matter how you slice it, those in the top 1% and less are attracting a lot of the eyeballs.”

The video game streaming site announced recently that Twitch partners are now allowed to stream on other platforms including Facebook and YouTube. Last month, on July 17th, Twitch’s copyright-free music library, ‘Soundtrack by Twitch’ shut down while Twitch officially recommends RouteNote’s NCS label Outertone for free music.