Image Credit: Twitch

Twitch are offering some creators a new monetization option, which guarantees payment for streaming a set number of hours per month.

Online creators with sizable audiences can generate revenue in various ways. Platforms like YouTube offer partners a portion of ad-revenue per view, while others like TikTok have the Creator Fund, splitting up an invested amount among popular creators. Facebook and Instagram on the other hand are currently building out new monetization tools such as Stars, letting fans donate to creators. Outside of dollars from the platforms and fans, creators can work with brands for sponsorship deals, counting for the majority of income of large influencers today.

These revenue flows can fluctuate massively month-to-month based on the popularity of your content over a given period. This stress leads many creators to put in hours of work every day, which can cause burnout.

Much like YouTube, Twitch offer creators revenue from the ads that play on their streams. Twitch recently introduced the Ads Incentive Program or AIP, which hopes to bring predictability into ad revenue for streamers. Creators can focus on making entertaining content, while Twitch manages the ads.

The idea is, Twitch offers select creators a personalized monthly incentive offer that varies by creator. If the creator streams for the specified number of hours per month, while running ads at set interval, the creator will earn a flat payout. Any additional hours will be earned at your normal payout, meaning there’s no ceiling on earning potential, but a reliable floor giving you a steady monthly income without guesswork.

The new program is built on top of Ads Manager. Select Partners and Affiliates will see the offers in the Ads Manager section of their Creator Dashboard. Simply select and accept the preferred offer, stream for the minimum number of hours required and collect your incentive at the end of the month. The dashboard will show your progress during the month.

It’s an interesting idea from the Amazon-owned live streaming platform as they face growing competition from social giants like YouTube and Facebook. Even if you’re skeptical, it’s certainly worth checking out the offer Twitch has made and determining if it’s right for you. Twitch hopes to improve and expand the program over time beyond these initial offers. Feedback is welcomed here.