YouTube have launched their own ‘Spotify for Artists’ type dashboard for music analytics

YouTube have just launched a brand new dashboard for artists featuring a lowdown of all the stats that matter about them and their music.

Analytics for Artists is a welcome new platform for artists, labels, and teams covering their music on YouTube. The new dashboard offers deep insights and analytics of their performance and reach across the huge video platform and their recently launched music streaming service, YouTube Music.

YouTube’s Analytics for Artists is available for all Official Artist Channels in YouTube Studio. It shows in-depth details of a range of statistics:

  • Total Reach – The most comprehensive view of how your music is reaching audiences, including fan videos, collabs, and other videos as well as official uploads.
  • Song Detail – Shows all the videos that have been created with a specific song from your catalogue, i.e. lyric videos, fan videos, cover songs, etc.

Additional features are planned to made available on the platform soon. The interesting thing about this new dashboard seems to be the focus on uses of music beyond official uploads and music videos. Rightly so, as YouTube report that over 20% of views that are eligible to influence chart position come from videos created by fans and users rather than official channels.

Speaking to Music Business Worldwide, YouTube Product Manager Chris Clark said: “[We wanted to] make sure that we can give artists the best of both worlds; the power of owning your own channel on YouTube, while also understanding that there’s an entire ecosystem of creators working with your music and amplifying that.

“We wanted to build something that’s super comprehensive but also actionable given that artists do have their own channels. We developed [Analytics for Artists] from first principles on how an artist experiences YouTube. The way creators release things and the way artists release things are really different.”

Artists can access their Analytics for Artists dashboard through YouTube Studio on desktop or the mobile app now, if they have access to their Official Artist Channel. We’ve written an article on getting your Official Artist Channel here if you haven’t:

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