A new chart reveals that YouTube’s most popular channel in the world is also, surprise surprise, the most viewed by far.

Indian YouTube channel and creators T-Series are taking the helm of the video site through a new era. After a months of tension last year, T-Series took over from longstanding YouTube king PewDiePie as the most subscribed channel in the world.

Their journey to number one has followed the evolution of the website over the years. PewDiePie took the top spot many years ago when YouTube was quite a different place, with a community of top creators and a pretty open book. As the site got more popular more brands got involved to advertise in front of their massive, global audiences and rules got tighter around how YouTube worked.

To some the changes have marked a decline in quality of YouTube content. Others have simply followed the changes and evolved their content to match. Another marked change in YouTube’s platform that came as a result was the shift from independent creators – your typical 1 person channel uploading from their bedroom – to collectives, big media, and brands running channels.

In addition the site has grown and spread all around the world. Not only are there viewers in nearly every country in the world, but more importantly there are creators in all of these regions. The shift in content, the evolution in the sorts of channel that gets popular, and the global power of YouTube have all played into T-Series ascent.

India is one in particular showing huge growth, and the pinnacle of that can be seen in T-Series. Over 1,200 creators in India had over 1 million subscribers last month. T-Series, as mentioned earlier, have the most subscribers in the world with 124 million currently.

It’s unlikely to be a surprise but a new chart from Tubefilter shows that the Indian mega-channel is the most viewed channel. They are topping 700 million views a week, gaining 780.7 million views between the 6th and 12th of January 2020 alone.