PewDiePie concedes the #1 spot on YouTube with a T-Series diss track

After months of feuding PewDiePie has accepted he is no longer the most popular channel on YouTube but he’s going out with a bang.

PewDiePie has famously been the most subscribed to channel on YouTube for years. That position has come under threat in recent months with the stratospheric rise of Bollywood channel T-Series, something PewDiePie has responded to with various campaigns and feuds.

But at last the channel’s growth can’t be ignored and the Swedish video maker has had to concede his position, congratulating the channel with a music video. He doesn’t take it lightly though, listing through various offences of the channel and accusations of their supposedly shady business practices.

T-Series’ chairman Bhushan Kumar is currently being investigated for “alleged evasion of huge tax and siphoning off hundreds of crores to foreign countries to purchase properties in the names of his employees”. As PewDiePie mentions in his diss track the channel started with pirated Bollywood songs and has various questionable steps along their way to the media giant they are now.

Whilst Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (PewDiePie) is taking it in his stride with humour and doesn’t seem personally affected by the loss, the YouTube community sees it as a sign of something much more grave. Many see this as a turning point in YouTube’s priority for companies and corporate entities over independent creators. This has been seen more and more with recommended videos becoming saturated with chat show clips and popular music videos.

Whilst the culture on YouTube is part of a shifting dynamic, it was heartwarming seeing a community come together again in a campaign to keep PewDiePie at the top. Regardless of if it failed it shows that YouTube is yet to become a faceless media platform.

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