StreamElements reveal the most streamed music channels on Twitch in July

Streaming management tool StreamElements, reveal the ten most watched music channels in July on live streaming platform Twitch.

StreamElements provides creators on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming with tools such as overlays and merch. StreamElements recently published their ‘State of Stream July 2020’ report using data from

Since the start of the lockdown, many artists have taken to platforms such as Twitch to live streaming gigs from home. The Music & Performing Arts category pulled in 17.6 million hours of viewing in July 2020. An impressive 387% year-on-year growth.


While this only represents 1.3% of the estimated 1.4 billion hours of viewing in July on Twitch, it shows a continued growth in music on the platform. The report also lists the top 10 streamed channels on Twitch in July.


1. Insomniac

1.5 million hours watched


2. DesertHeartsRecords

1.3 million hours watched


3. BeatportOfficial

353 thousand hours watched


4. 20secondsViral

303 thousand hours watched


5. Monstercat

301 thousand hours watched


6. MadDecentLive

284 thousand hours watched


7. Anjuna

233 thousand hours watched


8. kennybeats

215 thousand hours watched


9. headlinermusicclub

184 thousand hours watched


10. theneedledrop

169 thousand hours watched

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