Top 10 most-streamed songs in a single day on Spotify

After Adele takes the crown for the most streamed song in one day, here’s how the top ten currently stack up on Spotify.

Top 10 most-streamed SoundCloud songs of all time

Featuring tracks with almost 300 million streams, here are the ten most popular songs on SoundCloud by number of plays as of September 2021.

Spotify’s new playlist Pop Up hosts the most-streamed Anglo pop artists and songs across Latin America

Spotify’s Pop Up playlist features the most popular Anglo pop music in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

UK Streaming Soars In Wake of Covid Pandemic

Streaming Consumption Grew Again In 2020 With Lockdowns And Tour Cancellations Fuelling The Increase.

Spotify Weekly Music Charts announce the most streamed tracks and albums in the USA and globally each week

Spotify launch their Weekly Music Charts to help you discover the top streamed songs and albums in the US and around the world in a given week. For some time now, Spotify’s Charts site has…

Spotify Lite announce the most streamed tracks, podcasts and top markets

Spotify are celebrating one year of Spotify Lite with some stats on the most streamed tracks, podcasts and top markets. Spotify Lite offers the same music and podcast experience, in a cut-down, data and storage-friendly…

StreamElements reveal the most streamed music channels on Twitch in July

Streaming management tool StreamElements, reveal the ten most watched music channels in July on live streaming platform Twitch. StreamElements provides creators on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming with tools such as overlays and merch. StreamElements…

Spotify share their latest trends shaping summer 2020

Spotify give us an idea of what songs and podcasts people are adding to their playlists and listening to this summer. In June, based on streaming data, Spotify made some early predictions at the tracks…

Spotify’s 2020 Songs of Summer predictions and Your Summer Rewind

Spotify predict the most streamed songs this summer and drop your personalised summer throwback playlist. Summer looks a bit different in most parts of the world this year, with many still stuck indoors. That doesn’t…

Spotify announce the Finalists for the first ever Spotify Awards show

Spotify’s first ever awards show is less than 3 weeks away and they’ve revealed the finalists in the running┬áto win the Spotify Awards 2020. Spotify’s upcoming Awards ceremony decides its nominees and winners a little…