Stick an amp to your guitar and play anywhere with Strum Buddy

Fluid Audio’s Strum Buddy is a portable guitar amp with a difference, letting you stick it on your guitar and play away.

Strum Buddy is the new companion to your guitar with ultimate portability letting you play your electric guitar wherever you are. It’s a 6 watt, battery-powered guitar amplifier that suction cups to your guitar for minimal hassle whether you’re noodling on your bed or chilling in the park.

With the Strum Buddy you can amplify your electric guitar anywhere but also switch through it’s on board effects to experiment with your sound. Fluid Audio have put Distortion, Chorus and Reverb effect presets into the Strum Buddy portable amplifier.

The amp features a rechargeable Ion battery that can last 3.5 hours of playing before needing a recharge. At just 40mm in size as well Strum Buddy is the perfect companion for the guitarist on the move who wants to hear what they’re playing no matter where they are.

It’s not a revolutionary device but at $79.99 it’s a good companion for guitarists who like to be playing 24/7. Check it out further on Fluid Audio’s website.

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