Can you get paid for your content on Threads? A new feature may enable some users on Meta’s Twitter-like platform to earn revenue.

Meta are currently testing what they’ve called a “Threads Bonus program”. The feature enables certain creators to earn revenue from their content when they post on the Threads app. As it stands, the Twitter-like status app from Meta has been purely for the purpose of the content but this feature may encourage more users to jump on board and post more.

Business Insider report: “Eligible creators can earn money from Threads content based on the “performance” of posts or the “number of posts” shared to the app. Threads posts with “less than 2,500 eligible views” are not eligible for payouts.”

The “Threads Bonus program” is currently invite-only to a select number of creators. Instagram reports that eligible creators will receive a pop-up notification and an invite within their Professional Dashboard on the Instagram app. They add: “Make sure you set up a public Threads profile.” The terms of the revenue generation may reportedly vary between users.

Threads has seen fairly impressive growth in a short time, earning 130 million users since launching last July. However, some analysts state that after quick initial growth, Threads hasn’t continued to grow as quickly as would be expected with new market launches. A paid incentive for creators to post more and create engaging content will likely be a much needed boost for the platform’s significance in a crowded social media space.

Reportedly, Meta want Threads to be the next app to have a billion users. Despite launching at a particularly volatile time for Twitter (now X), they haven’t managed to convert the userbase as they had probably hoped. Despite it all, X’s primary userbase remains much the same. We will see where the Threads Bonus program leads, and if it a broader launch sees a significant return to speedy growth.