Image credit: Omid Armin

TikTokers have been without their favourite Swifty tunes on TikTok videos since UMG removed their catalogue in January.

Earlier this year, relationships between TikTok and major label Universal Music Group (UMG) broke down. The conflict led to UMG pulling their massive music catalogue from TikTok‘s library, disallowing creators to use music from major artists such as Bad Bunny, The Weeknd, Drake, and SZA.

Amongst the discographies dropped from TikTok was that of the current biggest-selling global recording artist: Taylor Swift. But there’s good news for creators as it seems that Swift is too big for the likes of a feud between her major label and the world’s fifth most popular social media platform.

In a surprise move, Taylor Swift’s music catalogue is now available for use on TikTok again. Business Insider report that UMG were surprised by Swift’s return, with an industry expert saying that the move undermines the label’s feud.

Speaking to Wall Street Journal, Bill Werde said: “Universal can’t claim they’re winning a fight Taylor doesn’t want a part of. The fact that this all-powerful artist who has this track record of fighting for artists is saying, ‘No, I want to be back on the platform,’ it’s very damning to Universal’s argument.”

How has Swift returned to TikTok?

Taylor Swift and her team wanted to use the app to promote her upcoming album and brought back her catalogue to the app despite UMGs requests. Swift’s contract reportedly allows her to work directly with TikTok.

Swift famously owns her own masters, a rarity in major label signees. This copyright ownership has led to the re-recording of some of her biggest albums in recent years, in a move to reclaim her control over her music.

Other artists may not have the same pulling power (or contractual terms) to make a move such as Swift’s, but its clear artists aren’t necessarily behind UMGs decisions. TikTok is a huge tool for visibility and promotion. UMG artist Olivia Rodrigo recently used a fan edit of her track to promote her music as she couldn’t use her original audio.

UMG are yet to publicly comment on Taylor Swift’s decision.

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