The Southern Hemisphere have just enjoyed their summer and Spotify have revealed the music that’s soundtracked it.

As we in the Northern Hemisphere move into our 2024 summer, Brazil and Argentina can give us a taste of this year’s summer sounds. They’re just coming out of their summer down there and Spotify have revealed the music that’s accompanied the sun this year.

Spotify write: “From the infectious vibes of cuarteto to the catchy rhythms of cumbia and the far-reaching sounds of trap and funk music, Spotify served as the main stage for fans to discover and enjoy the hottest hits.”

Argentina’s summer 2024 hits

With playlists using the words “verano” and “summer” up 70% this year, it’s clear that the sunny vibes were being felt in Argentina. Over 25,000 playlists helped to create the soundtrack of the summer over there and the most popular songs across them all have defined the sound of the season.

Luck Ra was the blowaway hitmaker of the year, claiming 3 of the top 10 songs. His breakaway hit ‘HOLA PERDIDA’ with KHEA was listened to more than 43 million times in less than two months on Spotify. Luck Ra’s album ‘QUE NOS FALTE TODO’ made history as the first Argentine album to top Spotify’s Top Global Debut Album chart.

Here were the top 10 tracks in Argentina on Spotify this summer:

  1. HOLA PERDIDA” – KHEA, Luck Ra
  2. Una Foto Remix (feat. Emilia)” – MesitaNicki NicoleTiago PZKEmilia
  3. QUE ME FALTE TODO” – Abel Pintos, Luck Ra
  4. La Morocha” – BM, Luck Ra
  5. Young Miko: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 58” – BizarrapYoung Miko
  6. Inocente” – Roze OficialPeipper
  7. La_Original.mp3” – Emilia, TINI
  8. ROZE | DJ TAO Turreo Sessions #22” – DJ Tao, Roze Oficial
  9. Exclusive.mp3” – Emilia
  10. LUNA” – FeidATL Jacob

Hear for yourself Argentina’s summer sounds in this playlist of the seasonal hits:

Brazil’s summer 2024 hits

Brazil had a hot summer as well with playlists including “verão” or “summer” in the title up 38%. For Brazil, Ana Castela was the dominating artist with four of the top 10 Songs of Summer for the country.

Here were the top 10 tracks in Brazil on Spotify this summer:

  1. Let’s Go 4” – Dj GBRMC GH do 7MC GPMC PHMC Ryan SPMc DaviMc Don JuanMc IGMc KaduMc LukiTrapLaudo
  2. Me Leva Pra Casa / Escrito Nas Estrelas / Saudade – Ao Vivo” – Lauana Prado
  4. DEJA VU” – Ana Castela, Luan Santana
  5. Barulho Do Foguete – Ao Vivo” – Zé Neto & Cristiano
  6. Tenho Que Me Decidir” – Borges, MC PH, Pedro LottoWEYWIU
  7. Canudinho – Ao Vivo” – Ana Castela, Gusttavo Lima
  8. Daqui pra Sempre” – ManuSimone Mendes
  9. Dia de Fluxo” – AgroPlay, Ana Castela, LUDMILLA
  10. Fronteira – Ao Vivo” – Ana Castela, Gustavo Mioto

Hear for yourself Brazil’s summer sounds in this playlist of the seasonal hits:

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