A new tool for Spotify was created by their Echo Nest at a hackathon and has been designed to “Organize Your Music”.

With the simplicity and streamlined libraries on music streaming it’s easy to become overwhelmed by your own digital collection. A hackathon at Spotify’s New York City headquarters this weekend resulted in a new ‘tidy-up’ tool that organizes the likely mess that is your music collection.

By heading to Spotify Echo Nest’s new Organize Your Music site and logging in with your profile all the music that you’ve saved on Spotify will be organised into categories. You’ll be presented with a collection of all your genres, moods, the album’s release decade, styles, and even popularity so you can gauge whether you’re a hipster or not.

You can save each collection as a playlist on your Spotify profile so that you have an easily organised music collection put into playlists by genre or decade, or whatever attribute you want sorting by. You may even discover things about your music that you didn’t know before, for example I never knew that I had 20 tracks that would get you in the “Amped” mood, whatever that is.

It may not be Spotify’s most sophisticated tool but it’s certainly interesting, and for those of you with thousands of saved songs cluttering up your libraries it’s the easiest way to give your music collection a late spring clean. Though it would be nice if you were able to ‘Organize Your Music’ within Spotify’s app itself this is a good first step, and could easily be enhanced in the future if Spotify or Echo Nest decide to.


Get your music collection in order

With Organize Your Music you can easily order the songs in any of your playlists be a wide range of parameters. Just follow these steps.

  1. Login with your Spotify credentials. Organize Your Music will place all of your tracks into a number of bins. There are Genre Moods. Decades, and Popularity bins
  2. Pick one of the bins. You can listen to previews of the songs in the bin. If you like it you can …
  3. Save the bin to Spotify as a playlist

Organize Your Music on Spotify now from here: static.echonest.com/OrganizeYourMusic