spotify map of the worl

Yesterday Spotify introduced their new Musical Map which gives listeners the opportunity to choose from almost a thousand cities from around the world and listen to a playlist of the “most distinctively enjoyed” music from that city.

Spotify say “distinctively enjoyed” because there is of course a common trend of the top hits being popular worldwide but Spotify want to give you the chance to hear what cities are listening to that other cities aren’t listening to as prominently if at all.

In their announcement Spotify likened it to the experience of visiting another country and sampling the local food, you don’t seek out the same old dishes when you visit a country (tut tut – if you do) you want try the local specialties and experience their culture.

I tried it out on the nearest available city (Plymouth, GB) and was delighted to see a local folk band at the top of the playlist along with 94 other unique and diverse songs.

You can view Plymouth’s playlist here for the taste of South-West Britain  or explore it for yourself from here!