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Spotify celebrates the Viva Latino playlist and reveals 187m people worldwide streamed at least one Latin track in the last month.

Spotify’s Viva Latino playlist is the third most popular Spotify playlist in the world, with more than 11 million likes. Throughout November the mix is being refreshed by the streaming platform with an “Elevando Nuestra Música” (“Elevating Our Music”) campaign that includes highlighting key artists and shifting the look of the playlist away from stereotypical cultural imagery.

Artists with songs on Viva Latino are from a range of backgrounds and from different regions round the world. The music ranges from Reggaeton to Trap Latino. Top artists currently on the playlist include Puerto Rican rapper Myke Towers and Colombian singer Karol G, both of whom are highlighted by Spotify for “Elevando Nuestra Música”.

Spotify decided to explore the statistics around Latin music fans and discovered a constantly growing genre with engaged, youthful fans.

Since 2014, when Viva Latino launched, streams of Latin music have grown by a huge 1680% on Spotify. 187 million people around the world played at least one Latin song over the past month.

It’s been revealed that Latin fans discover more new music than non-Latin Spotify users – 46% more to be exact. And half of Latin music streamers are under 30.

Antonio Vázquez, Head of US Latin Editorial, said: “Latin music has become an indispensable part of pop culture and we’re excited to see Viva Latino play a big role in that evolution.”

“Today, we’re celebrating the artists and fans who make this the ultimate destination for Latin hits by unveiling a sophisticated new look for the playlist that steers away from stereotypical cultural symbols, as well as introducing an inclusive tagline, “Elevando Nuestra Música,” a mission that pushes and motivates us to take our music to the global stage.”

Latin music is growing across wider the music industry, too. A report by the RIAA found that in the first half of 2021 Latin music generated $407 million in the US music market, with recorded music revenues growing by 37% in that time.

Explore the Viva Latino playlist below.

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