Spotify’s Kids app is coming to the UK then all Premium Family subscribers

Spotify are bringing their specially made app for kids to all Family subscribers around the world starting in the UK.

Spotify launched the beta of their new child-friendly streaming app in Ireland last November. The app offers a curated package of content from the millions of tracks and artists available to stream on Spotify that has been selected for the peace of mind of parents.

The company are bringing the beta to the UK and further so that families with a Premium Family account can ensure their kids have a safe and tailored music streaming experience. The app not only restricts content to child-friendly music and stories but has been designed to visually help youngsters navigate it’s interface.

The app tailors itself to 2 different experiences based on the age of the children using it. You can select Audio for Younger Kids so that the content is for very young children whilst Audio for Older Kids provides more age appropriate content.

The app should be available now in the UK with the release coinciding with Safer Internet Day from Childnet International yesterday. Spotify are planning to release the Kids app globally soon.

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