Music artists and fans don’t get all of the fun when it comes to Spotify Wrapped. Spotify 2022 Podcaster Wrapped celebrates creators!

This year, once again, Spotify have increased their podcasting efforts. According to Spotify, it would take over 1,500 years to listen to every one of the over 25 million podcast episodes published in 2022. During the year, Spotify saw a more than 50% increase in podcast consumption. Over half of the billions of hours of content played in 2022 was newly published since January.

Podcast creation is also on the up, with growth in Central and South America, including Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Costa Rica that saw a more than 50% increase in new shows created between 2021 and 2022.

Spotify’s podcast distribution platform Anchor unveiled several new features over the year to improve the experience for creators and consumers, such as video podcasts in over 180 markets, as well as Q&A and Polls to all creators around the world.

Much like Wrapped for Artists, Spotify’s Podcaster Wrapped pulls in all of the top stats for creators, to celebrate your and your fans’ high points of the year. This year, podcasters can log in or claim their profile to find:

  • How many minutes of new content you created this year
  • The moments your listenership peaked the highest
  • Fresh insights on fan behavior, like how many top fans you’ve gained

As we reach the end of the year, Spotify shared the following tips on how you can thank your fans for their continued support:

  • Use the share cards at the end of your Podcaster Wrapped experience to celebrate your big wins and shout out your fans.
  • Reshare your fans’ Instagram stories and Twitter posts—this will make them feel like part of your community. If fans are talking about your show on TikTok, stitch or reply to their videos.
  • Make a special end-of-year episode, where you thank your fans and ask them what they want to see more of next year. (Pro tip: Use Q&A and Polls to empower fans to join the conversation).
  • Host a Spotify Live room to thank your top fans, and promote the live stream on your social platforms.

Finally, Spotify also gave podcasters some tips for planning their 2023 content strategy:

  • Give special attention to your top fans, who love your content the most. Make them feel part of the conversation with the Q&A and Polls features, or plan to start a paid podcast subscription.
  • Focus on followers. What percent of your listeners are already following you? Encourage more folks to follow you in 2023 to grow a recurring fan base.
  • Discover how and where people are sharing your content. This can help you decide which platforms to promote your work on the most.
  • Let your big wins guide you. Your most successful episode tells you a lot about what your fans enjoy. Think about what made that episode stand out for fans while planning the specifics of future content.

Podcasters can find their personalized Spotify Wrapped in their dashboard at

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