It’s only a month since Spotify was valued at $16 million and investors GP Bullhound are now saying it’s worth $20 billion with potential growth to $100 billion.

Investment firm GP Bullhound have shared what they think Spotify might be worth, and it’s a bold claim. GP Bullhound see some incredible numbers in Spotify’s future, they may be slightly biased due to kind of having a stake in the music streaming service, but they’re not wrong – Spotify is growing like crazy.

The investment firm claim that Spotify is now worth $20 billion, less than a month since private valuations showed Spotify at $16 billion. Yes that’s right, $4 billion in one month. Whilst it hasn’t been concretely confirmed it seems unlikely that GP Bullhound would lie about a company it has invested interest in.

Now GP Bullhound’s claims go much further than that, in the wake of their long-awaited public offering which looks to finally go ahead thanks to recent deals with labels. GP reckon that once Spotify goes public it could be worth as much as $100 billion, an incredible amount.

GP Bullhound said: “Given that Spotify’s growth continues and that emerging market growth keeps average revenue per premium subscriber relatively in shape we envision that Spotify has a long term potential of being valued at $100 billion.”

Whilst they may not be wrong, GP Bullhound also may be a little bit optimistic with their claims. Beyond Spotify’s value, the firm reckons that Spotify will have reached 100 million paying subscribers sometime in the middle of 2018, and 200 million by 2020. It’s not impossible by any means and Spotify is showing incredible growth, but it’s still a bold claim. We’ll have to see.