Spotify announce Showcase at Stream On 2023, a new marketing tool that will place your release on the homepage of interested listeners.

A few weeks ago, Spotify broadcasted their latest Stream On live event. The star of the show and the feature that will affect the most number of people is the new redesigned homepage. The Spotify app’s new Home will soon come with a TikTok-like discovery feed of Spotify Clips.

Spotify’s marketing tools have always benefited from targeting the right listeners, in the right app. Spotify promotes new releases, right in the app users already go to, to listen to music. Pair this, with in-depth listener data on every user, plus detailed analytics and you’ve got an independent musician’s best friend.

At the event, Spotify highlighted three artist discovery tools. Marquee (and its effectiveness), Discovery Mode, and Showcase. Showcase works hand-in-hand with the new Home feed. Showcase are sponsored visual posts within the new feed. These can highlight either new or catalogue releases to both Free and Premium users who have previously shown interest in your music.

Image Credit: Spotify

Showcase is currently being tested with a small group of artists and labels, before a wider roll out in Spotify for Artists. Presumably, Spotify Premium users will be able to hide these sponsored posts if they find them irrelevant, as they can with Marquee.

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