Image Credit: Warm Audio

Warm Audio is a manufacturer with a reputation for building affordable recreations of classic hardware while using high-quality parts and upholding professional manufacturing standards.

The manufacturer’s new MPX series of preamps is inspired by the famous Ampex 351 tube preamp from the 1950s.

Warm Audio MPX preamp series

Warm Audio’s new WA-MPX and WA-2MPX vintage-style tube preamps feature 3 tubes per channel, but the MPX also gives you plenty of tonal flexibility that allows you to add more character to your sound.

Firstly, Gear News reports that the MPX uses CineMag custom-wound transformers combined with some flexible topology options, in addition to a tape saturation circuit that gives you a crisp, warm sound. Furthermore, each channel can give you a massive 90 dB of tube amplification after you utilize the high gain mode that introduces the third tube to the signal path.

As a result, the MPX is a versatile preamp for both dynamic and condenser microphones in addition to ribbon microphones. It gives you plenty of discrete gain for low-output mics and quiet sound sources too. Additionally, you can select the Tone circuit and add coloration to your signal by altering the impedance of the input transformer. An 80 Hz HP and a 2 kHz filter are available and allow you to isolate your sound source and make sure it’s clean before recording.

Ultimately, the MPX series gives you a classic, 50s rock tone with modern functionality. Further, the new MPX series from Warm Audio is capable of delivering heaps of clean gain while offering the ability to add tonal color, harmonics, and saturation.


You can get the Warm Audio MPX series soon. The WA-MPX will be priced at $749 while the WA-2MPX will be priced at $1399.

Click below to find out more about the MPX series on the Warm Audio website.

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