Three more ways from Spotify to enhance your 2020 Wrapped experience with voice commands, Instagram quiz lenses and customizable share cards.

Earlier this month, Spotify unveiled the artists, songs and playlists you and the rest of the world had streamed the most over 2020, with personalized Wrapped showing you stats such as how many artists you discovered and the number of hours you binged your favourite podcast, but Spotify share some additional ways to make the most of your Spotify 2020 Wrapped.

1. Check out the new Wrapped voice commands

Free and Premium users in the US can search for music using their voice. Simply tap Search on the mobile app, then tap the small microphone icon to the right of the bar and ask Spotify to play any artist, song or playlist. With the release of 2020 Wrapped, users can now ask new unique and personlized commands including:

  • “Tell me a Wrapped fact”
  • “Tell me about my listening habits”
  • “Tell me about my listening history”
  • “Tell me a 2020 listening fact”
  • “Play my top songs from 2020”
  • “Play my top songs from this year”
  • “Play my 2020 top songs”
  • “Play my top songs playlist”
  • “Play my top songs”
  • “Play my Wrapped 2020”
  • “Play your top songs 2020”
  • “Play your top songs from this year”
2. Get fancy with our social media integrations

Many love proving their music taste is the best by sharing their stats on social media. New interactive lenses bring a fun element of this to Instagram Stories. Share you reactions to your 2020 Wrapped with Kaleidoscope, or test your 2020 listening knowledge with Data Story Quiz.

  1. Head to @Spotify on the Instagram app
  2. Tap the “Effects” icon to the right of “Grid” and “IG TV”
  3. Choose Kaleidoscope or Data Story Quiz
  4. Then tap “Try It”
3. Customize your Share Cards

This year, Spotify are letting users customize and personalize their share cards before posting them to socials. All you need to do, is on the final screen, choose between one of four colours.

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