A few days after the BBC and Google Play Music released their predictions for up-and-coming artists in 2016 Spotify release theirs.

Spotify’s ‘Spotlight on 2016 artists’ comes just days after the Beeb and Google gave their lists of artists they think will break through into the mainstream in 2016. Whereas BBC used expert criticism and Google primarily used searchability and social media to compile their lists Spotify have used a combination of human curation and their deep music analysis systems.

Using data from the millions of streams by Spotify users, and aided by Spotify’s team of in-house experts, Spotify have analysed the viral charts, music listened to by influencers and artists that appear in their ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist.

Here is Spotify’s spotlight for 2016:


You may recognise a few of the names, especially Jack Garratt who has been predicted by many to see major success in 2016, something we are already seeing as he starts to sell out shows on his current tour.

Spotify’s UK head of label relations, Laura Kirkpatrick, said: “I believe that nothing delights a Spotify user more than discovering an exciting new artist. Spotlight is a cornerstone of our commitment to discovery and nurturing powerful emotional connections to new artists to help build true fans. The Spotlight list is both a barometer of what music tastemakers on Spotify are already listening to, and a prediction of what we believe the wider audience of music fans will be loving in 2016.

Through the Spotlight programme, we can identify and highlight new and breaking artists, and help them build their careers by connecting with more than 75 million music fans on Spotify. It’s been fantastic to see Spotlight evolve from a grassroots campaign working with a small number of artists, to becoming a global event-driven initiative. We are very excited to start working with the Spotlight on 2016 artists over the coming months and years.”

Spotlight has predicted the fame of artists in the past including the Norwegian producer/DJ Kygo, who was the first artist on Spotlight to break a billion streams this year. Spotify will be holding a number of live events showcasing their Spotlight on 2016 acts in London, New York, Stockholm and Nashville.

One act I’m rooting for in particular is NAO who’s heavy, funky grooves combine with deep house rhythms to perfectly compliment her vocals that blend the styles of jazz, r&b and pop. Are there any artists on the list you want to see make it big? or are there any artists you think should have been included that weren’t? Let us know in the comments below.