Spotify have teamed up with to bring song lyrics and meanings to you as you stream the tracks.

Genius is a community-driven site that collects hundreds and thousands and allows users to annotate them with meanings or connections so you can look at what the artist was really saying. Now partnered with Spotify, Genius will be bringing you lyrics and analyses of songs as you listen to them.

However the partnership alone isn’t the most exciting part of this integration… Fact Tracks is. Fact Tracks is a new feature from Genius that plays along with a song in Spotify to show you real-time lyrics, facts and information automatically throughout the song, so you don’t even need to touch the screen.


From today you will be able to access all “Genius-powered tracks” from their Spotify playlist: Behind the Lyrics: Hip-Hop. There are also three artist-based playlists, featuring Pusha T, Tinashe, and Diplo at launch. Genius say that there will be more playlists soon with a pop one planned to debut “VERY soon…”.

The bad news is that at the moment Genius’ integration with Spotify is only available on iPhone. The good news is that Genius say it’s only iPhone exclusive “for now” and you can still access Fact Tracks on computers. To view Fact Tracks first make sure you have Spotify open then head to, choose a compatible song from the list and click the purple button below the artwork on the right of the page.

As a website that is wholly driven by its community Genius say that they aim to crowd-source Fact Tracks, though were unable to in time for launch. It’s very early days for what could potentially become a mainstay of Spotify and Genius are telling their community to stay tuned as they bring new updates on how to get involved with Fact Tracks.


On a personal note this could be revolutionary for music as general consumers gain easy access to the plethora of vivid and detailed lyrics to the millions of songs out there. This could invigorate a new wave of listeners and artists who care about articulating themselves rather than crooning along to a backing. I’ll admit there’s plenty of skilled lyricists around, but perhaps now they’ll be recognised for it.

What do you think – Will this revolutionise listening on Spotify? Are you never going to use Genius lyrics or Fact Tracks? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.