Soundmondo is the new online social space from Yamaha that allows users to create, save, and share sounds from Yamaha Reface mobile mini keyboards.

Yamaha’s long awaited Soundmondo is officially here. One of the first websites to implement WebMIDI, a new application program interface led by Google allows you to connect MIDI devices to the internet and play online synthesizers and of course create and share or discover and save sounds with Soundmondo.

Yamaha’s Reface mini keyboards are the first instruments to be compatible with Soundmondo. There are four different Reface keyboards, each of which come with a unique tone generator and control panel and all of them can be customised with Soundmondo to create and find more unique playing options.

Yamaha’s music production marketing manager, Nate Tschetter said: “Soundmondo is social sound-sharing for synthesizers. Back in the day, synthesizers had patch sheets where sound re-creation was a manual process of duplicating settings from a printed diagram. Soundmondo instantly sends the sound to your instrument and visually shows you how to re-create it. It’s like having your own personal synth programmer on call 24/7.”

Soundmondo has been designed to make discovering new sounds easier than ever. Just click on browse and then use tags to search through all the available sounds and by simply clicking ‘sync’ your Reface keyboard will now play using those settings. A virtual control panel will also appear on the screen allowing you to manually edit and fine-tune the sound to your liking.

See the site for yourself here:


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