Spotify now offers you personalised playlists every day

Spotify have launched Daily Mix, a series of playlists refreshed every day that offers you a selection of your favourite music.

Unlike Spotify’s massively popular Discover Weekly playlists, Daily Mix isn’t about discovering music and rather “rediscovering” music. Spotify’s new playlists combine a selection of the tracks they know you love already, interspersed with some new recommendations from Spotify.

The playlist’s are designed to bring together all your favourite music based on your listening history and save the time it would take to go through all your music and create those pesky playlists yourself. The continuously updated playlists will never leave you hanging, providing almost endless playing thanks to it’s consistently refreshed offerings.

Spotify’s lead developer for music discovery and personalisation, Matt Ogle said that whilst Daily Mix also bases itself off of your listening history like Discover Weekly, “that’s where the similarities end”. He added: “In a lot of ways it’s the opposite of Discover Weekly. Daily Mix is trying to take the work out of hitting a button and always hearing music that you love.”

As your music listening evolves so will Daily Mix’s offerings evolve too and if it ever offers up a track that you don’t like simply right click and ‘ban’ to keep it from future Daily Mixes. Spotify said in a release statement:

With Daily Mix, we wanted to find a way to take the work out of playing and organizing daily listening. By offering consistently refreshed playlists of your favourite music with near-endless playback, you can hopefully spend less time maintaining playlists and more time enjoying the music that you love.

Daily Mixes are available to existing users around the world from ‘Your Library’ on Spotify’s Android and iOS apps. Daily Mix will be added to all platforms soon. For new users you can access Daily Mix after listening for around 2 weeks.

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