Now you can truly create whatever playlist you would like to as Spotify are opening up their playlists to all of their types of content.

Spotify have broken down the boundaries between music and podcasts on their platform. As part of their “Audio First” initiative announced at the start of the year, they’ve opened up their playlists so that if you want to create a playlist involving your favourite podcasts, there are no restrictions.

Now you can spice up your old playlists with podcasts, or create whole new ones where can make themselves at home amongst a bunch of other music and podcasts that you feel belong together.

The feature is perfect for when you want to listen to multiple podcasts in a row. Whack them all into a single playlist and press play! It’s a great addition that will make listening in the car, going for a run, whilst you work, or anything where you don’t want to be distracted fumbling through the search, a seamless listening experience.

Want to get started making your playlists even better but not sure how to add podcasts into them? It’s the exact same as making a music playlist but if you need a refresh, here’s what to do:

  1. Simply navigate to a podcast episode you love.
  2. Tap the three dots to the right of the track or episode.
  3. Tap “Add to playlist.”
  4. Select a playlist you’ve already created you like to add it to.
  5. Or, tap to create a new playlist from scratch.
  6. Play around with interspersing podcast episodes with music tracks to curate hand-picked listening sessions. 
  7. Share with your friends or make your playlists public—others are sure to love them too! 

The feature is currently only available on mobile and you can’t create playlists with podcasts in on desktop. You can still stream playlists you’ve created on mobile containing podcasts on Spotify’s desktop player.