Spotify have launched a brand new page for songwriters where all their music contributions can be found.

Spotify have launched a new page to bring together all the listed work of the sometimes under represented songwriters. The new beta gives songwriters a way to share the songs they’ve written and reach new audiences with their involvement with other artists.

Back in 2018 Spotify added extra credits to music so that all the people involved with making a track got the credit they deserve. They made them visible for everyone to view by right clicking on releases. Now those songwriting credits all lead somewhere.

Songwriters included in this new beta will be clickable on a track and listeners will be sent to their new page which showcases all the songs they’ve written. It will also show their top collaborations to easily show who they work with the most.

Each songwriter included in the beta will have their very own ‘Written By’ playlist as a showcase of easily streamable tracks showcasing their most popular contributions to music. These new playlists will be featured on Songwriter pages as well as the home page for all listeners.

Artists with their own Songwriter pages currently include Missy Elliott, Meghan Trainor, Fraser T Smith, Teddy Geiger, and others.

You can get in touch with Spotify to show your interest in getting your own Songwriter Page by filling out this form.