‘I’m obsessed with you. In a kinda creepy way’ says the ‘You’re Beautiful’ singer in personalised voice messages for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

The singer-songwriter lives in a special place in our hearts, where we still can’t get the endless chorus of ‘You’re Beautiful’ to stop repeating. James Blunt is offering everyone their own personalised e-cards with recorded messages from the singer that you can send to your match on the 14th.

The playing card designed e-cards all feature a little rose-adorned Blunt who when clicked upon reveals an alternative valentines message and a voice record of the man himself reading it out.

Messages include the truly beautiful “I think you’re suffering from a lack of vitamin me” and the beautiful “Fuck February 14th, I love you every day”.

It’s certainly a unique way to show your affections to the person you love this Valentine’s Day. If you have a friend spending the day alone this 14th then there are even cards for the singles out there because at least “James Blunt thinks you’re beautiful”.

Find the perfect card from the gallery here and treat your Valentine this Friday: https://valentines.jamesblunt.com/