Spotify are launching a new program around the world to push new artists on the global stage starting with 36 fresh faces.

RADAR is a brand new program for emerging artists that Spotify have launched in over 50 countries around the world. Their new program looks to root out artists with a lot of potential and pushes them with exclusive recording sessions, documentaries, live sessions, music videos, playlist inclusions and more!

It’s safe to say that Spotify are keen to invest in the up-and-coming artists of tomorrow and guide them onto a global stage. RADAR is creating some potentially massive opportunities for artists that could very easily see them build a much more formidable than they’d be able to gain on their own.

Spotify’s Head of Global Hits, Ned Monahan says: “Spotify is thrilled to announce the launch of RADAR this year with an incredible group of emerging artists from across the globe. RADAR will become an influential program for up-and-coming artists across all genres worldwide and a great way for our global marketing and editorial teams to support the next generation of international superstars.”

RADAR is a development of artist promotional programs which they have undertaken in the past. They have a roster of artists that have seen major success with the help of Spotify in the past. Now they’re looking to help 36 new artists from around the world to take their music to another level.

Songwriter and producer Lauv who has had features from Spotify over the years says: “Spotify is a major reason why I’m able to be an independent artist. Having their support from day one in making my music accessible to millions of users around the world has allowed me to grow as an artist and share music on my terms over the past five years.”

Spotify have highlighted an artist that they will be featuring through RADAR, Alaina Castillo from Houston, Texas. The singer-songwriter has started making waves across the US and with 3 million streams on her big new single Spotify have their eyes on her as one to break.

“I am so thankful to be able to share my music with more people,” says Alaina. “Go places. Meet new people. Release exciting things. RADAR takes this big dream and throws it into one amazing opportunity. I’m also super excited to see how all my fans are going to react, because I feel super close to them and they’ve been with me for so long and support me like nobody else could.”

Get to know some of the artists involved in RADAR at launch: 

United StatesAlaina Castillo
United Kingdom Young T + Bugsey
Brazil Agnes Nunes
MexicoSilvana Estrada
Argentina Romeo El Santo
Colombia Ela Minus
SpainDORA AleeshaMaría José LlergoGuitarricadelafuenteParanoid 1966
Australia merci, mercy
FranceLous and the Yakuza YuzmvPhilippineHervé
UAE & LebanonHollaphonic x Xriss
South AfricaElaine
Philippines SB19August Wahh
IndonesiaMahenMonica Karina
AustriaAVEC My Ugly Clementine 
Netherlands RIMON Jeangu Macrooy
Japan*RADAR locally titled Early NoiseFujii KazeVaundyRina Sawayama
IndiaMaliWhen Chai Met ToastTaba Chake