3 of our favourite producers teamed up to celebrate the power of bedroom producers with their latest hit and now they want you bedroom producers to get involved.

The ‘End of Time’ is a celebration of how musicians can make it from home now, with the power of online listeners looking for good music. It sees Ahrix team up with Alan Walker and K-391 for a reworking of his massive song Nova.

They say: “The ‘home studio’, AKA the bedroom, is where it all started out for us. It was Ahrix’s original version of Nova that brought us together in the first place in 2013 – seven years on in 2020, we wanted to collaborate and bring the track back to the modern day.”

They want to hear from you, independent producers around the world with massive potential. They want you to send them your best example of your production skills before March 14th, when they will listen to your track and pick 15 winners.

The task is then on for five teams of 3 producers to take on the task of remixing End of Time all together. Each team will take on a different element of the mix: drums, lead, bass, chords, and finalisation.

They will release the new remix version through Liquid State next month. A documentary following the process (which they think could be the most remixers on one song ever) will be recorded, created and uploaded.

Just days since its release it has been streamed millions of times and been featured in massive playlists. You can be a part of this major track if you’re a producer.

Send the best example you have of your skills to their campaign and you could be selected to work Alan Walker, Ahrix, and K-391: