Prevent Coronavirus with your favourite song by ‘washing your lyrics’

We’ve all been told the most important thing we can do is wash our hands so lets get our favourite songs to aid us.

We’ve all heard the recommendations as Coronavirus grips the world. “Wash your hands in the amount of time it takes to sing happy birthday twice”, “sing the national anthem whilst you wash your hands”, and so on – but that’s a little boring isn’t it?

We want to sing along to the songs that we know and love (and that won’t earn us a visit from Warner Music’s lawyers). Fortunately a new website has it covered with a comprehensive guide to washing our hands and sets it to any song of our choice.

Using the site will take the lyrics from any song you search and put it into an infographic poster that you can print off and place up wherever you feel people need a little musical inspiration to keep their hygiene up and say “no way” to Coronavirus.

Try it out now at

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