Spotify Launch Party Mixes Including New Diplo Mix

New to Spotify’s entourage of 2015 features is ‘Party’ a selection of playlists “mixed by us tuned by you”.

2015 has been an ambitious year for Spotify, in the face of competition from Apple Music and Tidal they have saved face with an assortment of great new features. Yesterday Spotify unveiled their newest addition, and probably the last of the year, Party mode.

Using ‘Party’ Spotify will automatically create a playlist of tracks that are beat-matched and blend into one another for an endless mix that sounds smooth and professional. Eliminating all the awkward pauses and transitions between tracks, making this a perfect tool for parties… maybe that’s where they got the name.

Spotify Party mixes

With Party mode you can select the genre and then set the tone with a slider choice of three different moods from chilled to pumped. You can select from a range of genres including Reggaeton Riddims, Electro Blowout, Holiday Party, R&B Jams and many more.

Spotify Party also premieres an exclusive mix from Diplo with an 120-track playlist, which should be enough to satiate users until Spotify add more original mixes which they have promised are coming soon.

Unfortunately for all you desktop users the feature is currently only on iOS and Android. You can access Party mixes by downloading or updating your Spotify app.


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