Spotify are showing no signs of slowing their current mass roll-out of new features having introduced yet another new addition to their ever-growing roster. This time we get another web app, with their new ‘Found Them First‘ webpage released last week, in the form of ‘Mix Mates’.

With Mix Mates Spotify want to bring people together using their most powerful tool, music-discovery algorithms. On the Mix Mates web app page you are asked to enter your favourite artist, and then the favourite artist of your friend, or whomever you want, and Spotify will then give you a “musical degree of separation” showing how far your tastes are apart. With each degree of separation you’ll get an artist and a track which will lead you from your artist to theirs.


Spotify’s ‘Mix Mates’ shows a “musical degree of seperation” between you and others


After you’ve progressed through all the artists that are keeping you and your friends music tastes separated you will be given a custom playlist that you can save to your Spotify so you and your friend can bond over your differences. I entered The Doors and Skrillex into Mix Mates to see what it could do and it was surprisingly efficient, as Spotify seems to be continuously.


You can share and save your Mix Mates playlists
You can share and save your Mix Mates playlists


Spotify say that they want to target University students with Mix Mates, on the basis that students often bond over music as well as being passionate about their music. With this in mind Mix Mates could not have launched at a more opportune time with the start of term commencing. Of course despite their target audience Spotify’s new web app can be used by anyone.

One of the defining features with Mix Mates is that you don’t need a Spotify account or to log in, as you did with Found Them First. This means that anyone can visit the webpage and discover how to unify their music tastes with others.

Although seemingly just a gimmicky feature, Mix Mates is nonetheless interesting and could provide some much needed cohesion between people passionate about music. Spotify have been continuously adding features over the past few months with the popular ‘Discover Weekly‘ feature being the most praised and prominent so far. Keep an eye on the RouteNote blog for any future news about Spotify’s innovations and all digital music news.