As swathes of citizens and companies come out against Trumps country-banning executive order Spotify are celebrating the some of the music world’s amazing refugees.

One of President Trump’s first actions was to sign an executive order banning travel from 7 countries with high muslim populations to keep out “radical islamic terrorists”. The ban has caused chaos for many people returning home, to families, work, education and much more, igniting protests and efforts around the world to create harmony and show solidarity with muslims and non-muslims affected by the ban.

Now Spotify have added their voice by creating ‘The Refugee Playlist’, a 20-track playlist of great songs created by musicians not born in the US but had to flee from their home countries. The playlist includes songs from Queen (Freddie Mercury having to escape revolution in Zanzibar in the 60s), rapper M.I.A. who fled Sri Lanka when she was 9, Soviet-born Regina Spektor and many other excellent refugee artists. Perhaps one of the most appropriate groups, The Fugees are also included taking their name from ‘refugees’.

“In a world that welcomes refugees, we get world-changing music from artists like these. Act at here

However some have criticised the playlist pondering on whether it is necessary and others questioning the track choices, like one Twitter user who felt that including ‘Under Pressure’ was “incredibly disrespectful”. Others however have supported the new playlist and it’s promotion of awareness as well as their inclusion of a link to

A spokesperson for Spotify said to Business Insider: “We put together this playlist as a celebration of music from artists who were once refugees.”