Spotify are dominating the world of music streaming and to stay ahead of the game Spotify have created a dedicated portal for gaming.

Spotify have introduced a space for gaming that brings all the best music in gaming like soundtracks, playlists, compositions and more into one place. Gamers know that music plays a large part of video games creating atmosphere, setting pace, tuning your emotions – and it seems Spotify know this too.

Spotify’s new gaming section features original soundtracks for games like Mirror’s Edge, Halo, and many more. It also features playlist soundtracks for games that license music like FIFA, Grand Theft Auto, and Saints Row. In addition Spotify have created a number of their own custom playlists, full of music to get you in the mood for the type of game you’re playing, Including:

  • Power Gaming – Get your gaming session going with this epic rap mix
  • Epic Gaming – Game to the biggest, baddest soundtracks of all time
  • Retro Gaming – Hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s for gamers who love all things retro
  • many more

Spotify are also featuring a bunch of guest playlists themed from personalities and companies in the industry, like GamesBeat and GamesRadar. According to Spotify gaming based music has always been popular but never prioritised on their platform. With their new gaming section available on PC and Spotify’s mobile apps it’s now easier than ever for users to listen to some music for gaming.

Spotify said: “Starting today, we’re giving you all of your favourite gaming music and soundtracks – all housed in a single category. Find curated playlists… as well as hundreds of game titles, covering everything from nostalgic 80’s mono tunes to the hottest new releases – and we’re only just getting started.”

Find Spotify’s new games section under ‘Genres & Moods’ in the Browse section now or check it out here: