Ministry Of Sound compilation label bought out by Sony

Ministry Of Sound, the UK label famed for it’s many varying compilations, has been bought by Sony Music UK.

Ministry Of Sound have become renowned in the UK for their compilations covering basically every type of dance music out there, and even some other genres. Today they announced that they have been sold to major label Sony Music’s UK branch.

Though once successful, Ministry Of Sound have had a hard time in the wake of online music streaming where people can not only access millions of tracks at a time, but also make their own compilations freely available. This excluded Ministry Of Sound from streaming services and left them in the dying industry of physical music to survive on an increasingly devalued product – music curation.

That’s not to say that music curation isn’t wanted anymore, it’s clear to see with the popularity of playlists on streaming services that people still massively appreciate it. However people no longer expect to pay for music curation, if they’ve already paid for unlimited music streaming why should they pay for someones recommendations on what to listen out of all that freely available music?

Sony came in as a guardian angel, well a guardian angel that buys your business with it’s vast wealth, to save Ministry Of Sound. Being owned by Sony means they are no longer the middle man, which doesn’t get paid for compiling playlists on streaming services. With access to Sony’s giant library of music they can create playlists on streaming platforms and the money made will actually end up back at them.

That’s not to say Ministry Of Sound are completely saved, but with Sony standing over them they can be a lot more confident with their position in the industry. Additionally a reported 25% of users subscribed to music services still buy compilation albums, so you’ve got life in you yet MoS.

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