Everyone’s favourite new personal DJ might be getting a Spanish twang to bring a custom radio experience to Spanish speaking users.

Spotify launched their AI DJ. The computer-generated personality narrates your streaming experience with a unique stream of music based on your tastes.

Now it looks like Spanish speakers may be treated to their own personal DJ in time. Code was spotted in the Spotify app by Chris Messina that suggests the ability switch the DJ language to Spanish, with the name “DJ Livi”. The code also suggests that DJ Livi will be available in Mexico.

This would be the first language expansion for Spotify’s AI tool, which is currently only available in English. Appearing in the code doesn’t confirm that the feature is coming, simply that Spotify are looking at its potential.

A Spotify spokesperson didn’t deny the feature, but wrote: “At Spotify, we routinely conduct a number of tests aimed at letting users express themselves through the music they love. Some of those end up paving the path for our broader user experience and others serve only as important learnings. We have no further news to share on future plans at this time.”

It would make sense that Spotify look at expanding their features for a Spanish speaking audience. Latin America is one of the leading markets for growth on Spotify, both for listeners and emerging and popular artists. Spanish is also spoken largely in the US, one of Spotify’s key markets.

Beyond their DJ, Spotify have launched an AI Playlist tool. It allows users to write prompts based on mood, energy, or something more abstract, and the AI will create a playlist of music that it think matches your demands.

We can expect to see much more implication of AI within Spotify and other music streaming services in the years to come.

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