Spotify wanted to find out how much music matters to you when it comes to starting a new week of work or school so they took a survey on cures for “the mondays”.

On the back of their massively successful Discover Weekly playlists, Spotify playlists of recommended music updated every Monday, Spotify decided to find out what this weekly “#mondaymotivation” actually meant to listeners.

The study was conducted through 3,005 people; A third from the US and 500 each from Australia, Brazil, France, and Sweden. The results of their online and survey are in, and they show:

The study interestingly found that coffee, staple morning motivation, was just a slightly more popular method to start people’s Mondays; with 46% saying coffee was a prime motivator and 44% citing music.

Whilst coffee took a narrow lead over music for that week-start pep, music did best food (33%), exercise (28%), and sex (19%) when it came to ridding themselves of “a case of the mondays”.

Surprisingly the older you are, the more likely you are to be motivated on a monday with 77% of those under 35 feeling unmotivated on a Monday morning. Employment also led to more motivation than those who were unemployed (which I didn’t think you’d need a Spotify survey to prove).

The study also, less positively, found that 64% of respondents felt that they didn’t have enough motivation on Mondays (more coffee + music needed methinks). The survey also revealed that there is no gender split in motivation, showing fairly equal results from both men and women.

Spotify’s trends expert, Shanon Cook said: “Music is a great motivator, so it makes sense that people rely on it to help rev their engines at the start of the week. According to the survey, 42 percent of participants agreed they most need an energy boost early in the morning on Mondays. Thankfully, Spotify’s Discover Weekly is delivered first thing on Monday’s, so all listeners receive a fresh soundtrack to kick-start their week.”